This website is a portal to your Integrative Nutrition.You will find Organic food Smoothies, Organic Raw Energy treats, Medical grade Transdermal Nutrient Patches as well as valuable information and tools to enhance your wellness experience. The Primary goal is to help you obtain your Optimal Health;

Find Organic foods and Smoothies in Nature's Market Place!

Learn to use Integrative Nutrition by incorporating Organic Vitamin Patches,Organic Turmeric, Organic Raw Energy treats!Learn about Organic Glutathione the master antioxidant and the best way to help your body produce it.

What can you expect to find here?

  • Integrative Nutrition
  • Organic Bioavailable Transdermal Vitamin Patches
  • Organic Foods and Smoothies
  • Organic Glutathione
  • Organic Turmeric
  • Raw Organic Energy Snacks

Learn why Transdermal patches are better than oral supplements by clicking this link!

Members will find:

* Advice from a certified personal trainer on ways to improve their fitness  .

Exercise to help prevent injury .Secrets of the Shoulder , Secrets of Core Training

* Guidance for  Nutrition

* Medical Grade organic food source Vitamin Patches.

* Weight loss and/gain using good whole foods

* Guidance and tools for combating health issues such as hypertension

   diabetes, stroke, depression and healthy heart function.

* Links to medical professionals

* Area  public tennis facilities

* Private tennis facilities

* Help in finding hands on instruction

* Teaching professionals

* Local tournaments

* check blogs for exercise and nutrition and health information

* Healing therapy for tendinitis, tennis elbow , Achilles and shoulder problems, acl, mcl and knee pain can be booked for ultrasound and tens treatments.

What should I eat to stay fit and avoid disease? 

*Are there Exercises I can do for tennis?

*Is there FREE on line video instruction?

*Are there classes I can take to improve my fitness?

*Heal your gut with Probioflex probiotics and  leaky gut therapy.


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 Play better tennis and improve your over all quality of life. Health Flex wants to partner with you on this wellness journey!

Who are we ?

My name is Thomas Hiatt and I am Dr.of physical therapy,a certified personal trainer ,a certified wellness coach and nutritionist. As founder and CEO of Health Flex my mission is to help those who CHOOSE the path to their Optimal Health with premium grade raw organic food smoothies, whole food derived transdermal vitamin supplements and functional fitness(movement) assessments..

Here at Health Flex our focus is designed to better enable you to develop your own Optimal Health. How can we do that? Optimal Health is developing your bodies ability to heal itself, to fight sickness, aging, and injury with great emphasis on prevention! What you will find here is a wealth of nutritional guidance, fitness routines aimed towards explosive performance and the avoidance of injury, rehabilitation for injury that is non invasive as well as improved recovery times . Instructional videos, managed weight loss programs,personalized sports specific training, and  updated  advances in bio identical supplements and therapies. 

 Provide resources for healthy nutrition, and specifically address health concerns via links to medical professionals, sources for proper nutrition, recipes, and information about overall wellness.

Tennis Health provides healing therapies with ultrasound concentrating BFS ( Blood Flow Stimulation) to areas of chronic tendinitis,tennis elbow, Repetitive Motion Injuries (rotator cuff), and the breakdown of painful scar tissue.

 See the web store for therapeutic products at great prices.

Are you ready to get in great shape?


What is the next step?

1. Contact us for a health and exercise assessment.

2.Set your goals with professional guidance.

3. Health Flex staff will design a plan that is realistic and achievable.

4.At the gym or at your home get step by step training, guidance, and education.

Email drhealthflex@gmail.com  

Tennis Health has a work out routine  (Tennis Flex) specific to the sport of tennis that offers areas of improvement in quickness to the ball, reduced likelihood of epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and a more powerful swing, increased stamina, and strengthening of the deep muscle fibers and associated tendons and ligaments where most tennis injuries occur..      

Public courts

Tennis Links/private clubs

How to contact me.

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